Brown Girl Dreaming Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Into what genres does Brown Girl Dreaming fall? How are these genres defined?

Brown Girl Dreaming is a poetry memoir, meaning that it is a memoir written in the form of a poetry anthology. A memoir is a nonfiction retelling of a person's life, or a collection of memories and events. An anthology refers to a collection of works (in this case, poetry) by the author.

2. How does the author describe her ancestry in "February 12, 1963"?

Jacqueline Woodson describes her ancestors as having been slaves from South Carolina. She, however, was born in Ohio in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement in 1963.

3. How are the poet's parents described in "Second Daughter’s Second Day on Earth"?

The author describes her parents by how they were listed in her birth certificate: Mary Anne Irby, aged 22, Negro; and Jack Austin Woodson, aged 25, Negro.

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