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Essay Topic 1

Brown Girl Dreaming is a memoir in verse. Define these terms (memoir and verse), and discuss how they apply to the narrative. Is the book fictional or nonfictional? Why do you think the author chose to relate her story through verse? How does this choice affect the reader?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Jacqueline Woodson's time of birth. How does the author illustrate the atmosphere of this period in history? What major events occurred in the United States in the year the author was born? How did these events influence her life and culture?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the comparisons in the book of the North and South. Where was Jacqueline Woodson born? Where did she spend her summers growing up? What place in Jackie's life felt the most like "home" to her? Why?

Essay Topic 4

Describe and discuss some of the writers, poets, and activists that have influenced...

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