Brown Girl Dreaming Character Descriptions

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Jackie Woodson

This author of the poetry memoir also serves as its narrator and protagonist.

Mary Ann Woodson

This individual grew up in South Carolina. After divorcing her husband, she returned to her Southern roots before relocating her family to New York.

Georgiana Irby

This individual was a devout Jehovah's Witness and devoted to her children and grandchildren. When her daughter decided to relocate to New York, this woman watched over her grandchildren until her daughter was able to return for them.

Gunnar Irby

This individual was the poet's grandfather. He was a hardworking gentleman who served as a foreman at a printing press.

Jack Woodson

This individual is the poet's father, and the person after whom she was named.

Dell Woodson

This older sister of the poet is revered by her younger siblings for her academic success.

Hope Woodson

This older brother of the poet has an incredible...

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