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Short Answer Questions

1. How do the other dancers respond to Selina's performance at her dance recital?

2. Which of the following is the reason upon which Clive bases his thoughts that Selina should not socialize with Whites?

3. Where does Deighton live and work after leaving his family?

4. Where does Selina go with Rachel Fine?

5. In Book 4, where does Selina attend a party despite still deeply grieving over her father's death?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Selina surprise herself when she meets Clive?

2. In Book 3, Chapters 8-10, what is the basis that Silla relies on to blame Deighton for the death of their son?

3. What does Mrs. Benton think about Selina?

4. How does Father Peace upset Selina rather than make her feel welcome?

5. What is Selina planning to do when she decides to try to help Clive with his art career?

6. Why does Clive warn Selina against joining the Modern Dance Club?

7. Why does Selina call her mother "Hitler"?

8. Why does Selina seclude herself and refuse to go out following her father's death?

9. Why does Miss Thompson tell Selina the story of how her foot became ulcerated?

10. As Selina gains more life experience with other mothers such as Clive's and Mrs. Benton, what does she realize?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Selina's coming of age story to any other literary coming of age story that you have studied. What do coming of age stories have in common? What differences can you reflect upon? Why are coming of age stories important in our literary world?

Essay Topic 2

Death induces extreme emotional reactions. Think about each of the deaths that occur in this novel - both actual physical deaths and metaphorical deaths. Focusing on each one in turn, analyze the importance of each death, and how it plays an integral role in a new life coming forth.

Essay Topic 3

Silla and Selina have a volatile relationship. Describe and analyze the changes that take place in their relationship over time. In what way(s) does Selina evolve into a person like her mother? Different from her mother? Does she embody more of Silla's negative characteristics, or more of her positive characteristics? Do you think that Selina surpasses her mother in character? Why or why not? Support your position with statements from the novel.

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