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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Beryl tell Selina will happen to her if she does not menstruate by the time that she turns 20 years of age?
(a) That she will die.
(b) That she will be shunned.
(c) That she will lose her hair.
(d) That she will get fat.

2. Which of the following means of transportation do Beryl and Selina take to the park?
(a) A horse buggy.
(b) The subway.
(c) A trolley.
(d) A taxi.

3. What does Silla's friend, Florrie do to Selina that upsets her?
(a) Touches her breast.
(b) Hits her.
(c) Makes fun of her.
(d) Tells her that she is ugly.

4. Whose wedding does the family attend in Book 3?
(a) Beryl's sister's wedding.
(b) Maritze's wedding.
(c) Miss Thompson's wedding.
(d) The wedding of 'Gatha Steed's daughter.

5. What does Deighton do after the incident at the mattress factory?
(a) He sits around and reads a newspaper.
(b) He becomes an alcoholic.
(c) He decides to reform and become a better husband.
(d) He goes to physical therapy.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what part of New York does the Boyce family live?

2. What type of mood does Silla have on that Monday morning as Deighton is leaving to go to the bank to cash his check?

3. Who finally listens to Selina's worries about Silla's plan to sell Deighton's land?

4. What does Selina wish for on her 15th birthday?

5. Where does Silla get a new job in Book 3?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Book 1, why does Selina not want to wear the second-hand clothes that Silla has brought home?

2. In Book 1, why does Deighton want to keep the fact that he has inherited land as a surprise?

3. In Book 1, Chapter 3, why is Maritze so annoyed with Suggie's romantic adventures?

4. How are Silla and Miss Thompson alike?

5. Deighton starts to believe in a cult-like religion. Which cult-like religion is it?

6. Why is Selina uncomfortable in Book 2 when she sees the couple making out in the park ?

7. Beryl's father asks Selina about her own father, and then tells her that he is a disgrace. Why does that upset Selina so much?

8. In Book 2, Beryl and Selina have a conversation about babies being born. Why do they not know the facts of life?

9. In Book 2, Beryl thinks that babies just pop out easily. What misinformation does she have about menstruation?

10. Miss Thompson's roommate has three little girls, but it is Miss Thompson who cares for them. Why is that?

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