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This is the nasty, dark factory district in New York City .

Fulton Street

This is the fun party street in Brooklyn, where the night life is the best.


This is an island religion, similar to voodoo practiced in Barbados.


This is a lovely, sunny island that some of the characters leave to find new life in New York City.

Prospect Park

This area has a zoo and lots of food vendors, as well as sports games.

The Barbadian Association

This group makes loans to members, provides insurance, and grants scholarships.

The Modern Dance Club

The is the group that Selina joins at college.

Clive's Studio

This is an old kitchen decorated with old furniture and half-finished oil paintings.

'Gatha Steed's Daughter's Wedding

This is the social event of the season.

World War II

This event affects the Boyce family, like everyone else.

The Birth to Death Cycle Dance

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