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Essay Topic 1

Racism is one of the major themes in Brown Girl, Brownstones. Part 1: Discuss what you know about racism in the early 20th Century, and provide examples from the book that illustrate your points.

Part 2: Compare and contrast how Deighton, Silla, and Selina experience and react to racism.

Essay Topic 2

Family relationships are important to Selina, and all the characters in Brown Girl, Brownstones. Some relationships are better than others. Some seem one-sided. Each relationship affects Selina and her ultimate view of the world. Analyze the complex familial relationships that exist between: 1) Deighton and Silla; 2) Deighton and Selina; 3) Silla and Selina; and 4) Ina and Selina.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze and discuss Miss Thompson's role in the book. What character(s) can be contrasted or compared to her? Connect your comparison or contrast if any, to a major theme within the book.

Essay Topic 4

Religion and poverty are important...

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