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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mitya tell Alyosha that he did to Katarina's family to get her to marry him?
(a) Bribed them.
(b) Blackmailed them.
(c) Tricked them.
(d) Forced them.

2. Where does Ivan say he is going to leave to go the next day in Book 4, Chapter 5?
(a) Magadan.
(b) Omsk.
(c) Moscow.
(d) Chita.

3. What is the name of the girl that Smerdyakov plays his instrument for?
(a) Maria.
(b) Katarina.
(c) Marfa.
(d) Grushenka.

4. Who do Madame Khokhlakov and her daughter reveal they have come to visit in Book 2, Chapter 4?
(a) Alyosha.
(b) Mitya.
(c) Ivan.
(d) Rakitin.

5. What is the name of the woman who is insane and roamed about town in the book?
(a) Katarina.
(b) Grushenka.
(c) Lizavetta.
(d) Marfa.

6. How much money did Katarina give to Mitya after they became engaged?
(a) 2,000 rubles.
(b) 3,000 rubles.
(c) 1,000 rubles.
(d) 500 rubles.

7. What does Fyodor behave as during the meeting with Zosima?
(a) He sleeps.
(b) He laughs too loudly.
(c) A gentleman.
(d) A buffoon.

8. How many years had the man abandoned Grushenka for, who sends her a message in Part 3?
(a) 4.
(b) 6.
(c) 3.
(d) 5.

9. Who does Mitya hit first after smashing through the house in Book 3, Chapter 9?
(a) Ivan.
(b) Rakitin.
(c) Grigory.
(d) Fyodor.

10. What happens to the son of the man that Mitya hurt in a bar when he is at school?
(a) Ridiculed.
(b) Beaten up.
(c) Laughed at.
(d) Talked about.

11. Who does Alyosha read a letter from at the end of Part 1?
(a) Lise.
(b) Marfa.
(c) Katarina.
(d) Grushenka.

12. Who is waiting to have an audience with Zosima at the beginning of Book 2, Chapter 3?
(a) Lizavetta.
(b) Marfa.
(c) Grushenka.
(d) Madame Khokhlakov.

13. Who is also in love with Grushenka in the Karamazov family?
(a) Alyosha.
(b) Zosima.
(c) Ivan.
(d) Fyodor.

14. What is the name of Mitya's fiancé that he is abandoning for another woman?
(a) Katarina.
(b) Lizaveta.
(c) Grushenka.
(d) Marfa.

15. What is the name of a monk that Alyosha has great respect for?
(a) Fyodor.
(b) Ivan.
(c) Kolya.
(d) Zosima.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Grushenka's maid?

2. What is the name of the woman who Mitya is leaving his fiancé for?

3. What do Ivan and Fyodor become after Ivan comes home to confront him?

4. What does the person who wrote Alyosha a letter at the end of Part 1 profess in the letter?

5. Whose house does Alyosha go to at the beginning of Book 4, Chapter 4?

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