Objects & Places from The Brothers Karamazov

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This is the name of the town where the narrator and all the characters live in the book.


This is where Zosima lives.

Karamazov Home

This is where many of the book's characters live.

Three thousand Rubles

This is what Mitya owes Katarina.

Grushenka's Lace Shawl

This is what one female character wears that makes her look glamorous.


This is what the murderer steals money from after Fyodor's death.

The Garden

This is where Mitya goes to spy on Fyodor and Grushenka.


This is what Mitya uses to hit Grigory over the head.

Lise's Wheelchair

This is what one character is bound to, and it symbolizes the paralyzed state of her mind.

Zosima's Cell

This is where the Elder lives that accommodates those visiting him.

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