The Brothers Karamazov Character Descriptions

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This person is very religious and is kind to others.

Father Ferapont

This person is an old monk and a faster.


This person is a lawyer who is attracted by the notoriety of cases.


This person hates his master but believes it is his fate to stay with him.


This person is glamorous and enjoys the company of men.

Anna Hohlakov

This person is a wealthy widow who suffers from a lack of faith.

Katerina Ivanovna

This character is someone who suffers a particular humiliation or pain and is incapable of moving beyond that moment.

Alexey Karamazov

This person grows up away from home and he later becomes a monk.

Dmitri Karamazov

This character's voice can be funny or poetic, swaggering or humiliated.

Fyodor Karamazov

This person is cruel and miserly, and is also a misanthrope and narcissist.

Ivan Karamazov

This person is morose...

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