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Part I, Book One, Chapter 1 -5, Book Two, Chapter 1-8

• Alexie Fyodorovich Karamazov is a wealthy landowner who was married twice and had three sons. Mitya Fyodorovich is from the first wife, and Ivan and Alexei are by the second wife.

• After the death of his second wife, Fyodor continues his reputation as a womanizer and although his sons end up living with him, he ignores them.

• In the story, Mitya confronts Fyodor for payments and his part of the estate. Mitya departs thinking the estate is worth far more than it is, and this becomes an elaborate plan of his father to be rid of him by giving him his entire inheritance while Mitya was thinking there was more to come.

• Ivan was always reserved and gloomy, yet very intelligent, and wrote an article about ecclesiastical courts that gains wide acceptance; he becomes somewhat famous, and it...

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