Brothers and Keepers: A Memoir Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What happened to Robby that he was wanted by the police?

In November 1975, Robby and two friends had gone to rob a 'fence' a man who sold stolen goods. Robby thought the man had a gun, and shot up, then fled the scene.

2. Describe the geography of "Brothers and Keepers".

Robby's crime took place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Robby fled from Pennsylvania and showed up where John lived, in Laramie Wyoming, in February 1976. No one knew his whereabouts in the meantime. Robby was eventually arrested in Colorado, for driving a stolen car across state lines.

3. Describe John's visit with Robby.

John picks Robby up at a bowling alley, and brings him home to his house, where they eat together, and John says that he refrains from asking Robby why he stole, although he wanted to ask him.

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