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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Our Time, III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Robby say about his line of sight when Stavros went into the back?
(a) He could not see clearly.
(b) He could see Stavros' back but not his hands.
(c) He could only see Stavros through a dirty mirror.
(d) He had a clear view of Stavros' every move.

2. Who shot Stavros that he went down?
(a) One of Stavros' guys.
(b) Robby.
(c) Michael Dukes.
(d) Cecil Rice.

3. How did Robby meet Michael Dukes?
(a) They met in prison.
(b) They were both robbed by the same guy.
(c) They worked a job with a friend in common.
(d) They were fired on the same day.

4. How did Stavros find out that he had been set up?
(a) The cops showed up.
(b) Robby shot him.
(c) All his TVs had been stolen while he was inside with Robby and Michael Dukes.
(d) Cecil Rice was in the truck with a shotgun.

5. Who was Garth?
(a) A friend of John's.
(b) A friend of Robby's.
(c) A prison guard.
(d) A friend of Judy's.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does John say he and his children and Robby act during their visit?

2. How many siblings doe John have?

3. What does Robby say he would do with $1,000 if he got it?

4. How does Robby characterize the person who helps them?

5. Where was Robby arrested?

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