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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Doing Time, I. November 16, 1975.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Jamila say Robby looks like?
(a) Stevie Wonder.
(b) Frederick Douglass.
(c) Wilt chamberlain.
(d) Louis Armstrong.

2. What does Cecil's mother think will happen if he follows her advice?
(a) He'll get out of trouble.
(b) He won't get any jail time.
(c) He'll be able to start over.
(d) He won't get caught.

3. Why did Robby, Mike and Cecil leave this place?
(a) The cops were on their tails.
(b) They couldn't sell the televisions.
(c) Something was not right with the guy they met there.
(d) They ran out of money.

4. How did John's mother know that Robby was getting high?
(a) She found money missing from her purse, and a syringe.
(b) She heard from the neighbors.
(c) She caught him in the act of shooting up.
(d) She heard in the trial.

5. What does Robby say he wanted to do after the robbery?
(a) Go to the police.
(b) Get out of town.
(c) Stay at home.
(d) Party.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does John say he and his family have to behavior at the prison?

2. What does John say Jamila remembers about Robby?

3. What does John say his mother lost when Robby declined into crime?

4. Why doesn't Jamila tell her friends about Robby?

5. How does John characterize Western State Penitentiary?

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