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Visits, p. 4-19

• The book begins when John Edgar Wideman gets a call that his brother Robby is wanted by the police in a botched robbery/murder.
• Robby calls John when he gets to Laramie, Wyoming, where John lives, and John brings him home for a night.
• Soon after visiting John and his family, Robby is arrested driving a stolen car across state lines in Colorado, and he is sent back to Pittsburgh and imprisoned.

Visits, p. 19-35

• John introduces the theme of running and escaping, which complicates the freedom he gets from escaping his family--it turns out there is some guilt associated with his freedom.
• Having been schooled at the University of Pennsylvania, John learned that black men had to be both black and white in order to fit in.
• John and his wife and daughter begin a long-running cycle of visiting Robby in prison regularly.

Visits, p. 35-44

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