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St. Bartholomew's Abbey

Located in California and surrounded by the Sierra Nevadas, this is where Odd Thomas secrets himself.

Guesthouse Cloister

Located on the east side of St. Bartholomew's Abbey, this surrounds a courtyard with a marble statue of the lesser known St. Bartholomew and a reflecting pool.

Pico Mundo

This is the desert town where Odd Thomas lived for most of his life.

St. Bartholomew's School

This is a school for children who the rest of the world has abandoned.

KitKat Katacombs

This is largely the territory of Brother Timothy as he is the one in charge of all things mechanical in the Abbey and in the school.


The part of a nun's attire that goes around her face.


This is the name given to morning prayer.


Reading from the saints and singing of psalms that is part of the seven periods of the...

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