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Odd Thomas (Brother Odd)

He is twenty-one years old, and lost his best friend and girlfriend sixteen months ago.


These are supernatural entities seen only by Odd Thomas and Boo, the Abbey's only dog, they are inky black and have little more substance than the shadows themselves.

Rodion Romanovich

Introducing himself as a librarian from Indianapolis, he is actually an NSA agent undercover as a guest at the monastery.

Sister Angela (Mother Superior)

She is one of only three people at the Abbey who knows about Odd's rather odd gifts.

Brother John Heineman

He was a scientist of some stature when he was engaged to Jennifer Calvino when she became pregnant.

Brother Salvatore (Brother Knuckles)

He is the only one other than Father Bernard and Mother Angela who knows Odd's secret.


An entirely-white Shepherd cross, he belongs to and lives at the Abbey.

Stormy Llewellyn


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