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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Aristide leave office less than a year after being sworn in in 1991?
(a) He is ill and must step down.
(b) He is challenged and beaten in a democratic election by an opponent.
(c) There is a corruption scandal and he is forced to resign in disgrace.
(d) He is ousted in a military coup.

2. What does Leone, Tante Denise's sister, say about the shooting outside Denise's funeral?
(a) Leone wonders why there was shooting since Denise was neither in the military or the police force.
(b) Leone says Denise would have been horrified at the shooting.
(c) Leone says the shooting is proof the neighborhood is unsafe now.
(d) Leone says the shooting was disrespectful.

3. What does Joseph wear on his way out of Bel Air in the fall of 2004 so he will not be recognized?
(a) A towel over his head.
(b) A thick fake beard and glasses.
(c) A doctor's coat.
(d) A UN uniform.

4. Why does Danticat suspect Joseph was treated so badly by U.S. Customs and Immigration officials?
(a) He was suffering from dementia.
(b) He was flagged because of his religion.
(c) He may have been abrasive and disrespectful to the officials.
(d) He may have fallen victim to old and biased policies under which Haitians were detained and deported in larger numbers than other immigrant groups.

5. Why do some of Joseph's neighbors turn on him so violently after October 24, 2004?
(a) They think he blackmailed a beloved teacher.
(b) They think he is stealing from the church's coffers.
(c) They think he sold information to the police.
(d) They think he allowed the UN soldiers and riot police to shoot at neighborhood people from the roof of his church.

6. What is Tante Denise known for wearing throughout her life?
(a) Only black clothes.
(b) Elaborate wigs.
(c) Fake eyelashes.
(d) Very high-heeled shoes.

7. Who is the neighbor that Joseph hears was thrown off the roof for trying to save the church's generator from thieves?
(a) Gigi.
(b) Mou Zoul.
(c) Ferna.
(d) Betrand.

8. Where does Joseph stay when he first flees his house in October 2004?
(a) With Tante Zi.
(b) With a neighbor called Ferna.
(c) With Mira.
(d) With Maxo.

9. Which person was sworn in as president of Haiti in 1991?
(a) Daniel Fignole.
(b) Baby Doc Duvalier.
(c) Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
(d) Papa Doc Duvalier.

10. What street does Danticat live on as a child in New York?
(a) Queens Boulevard.
(b) Flatbush Avenue.
(c) The Bronx Expressway.
(d) Flatiron Avenue.

11. What is the cause of the gunfire Joseph hears in Bel Air on October 24, 2004?
(a) French soldiers are staging an uprising.
(b) United Nations soldiers and Haitian riot police are rooting out the most violent gangs in Bel Air.
(c) The American military is helping to overthrow the government.
(d) Papa Doc's Macoutes are rounding people up to be taken to jail.

12. What do the neighborhood gangs do to Joseph's church?
(a) Mark it with graffiti.
(b) Burn it.
(c) Take it over as their headquarters.
(d) Bulldoze it.

13. What does Uncle Joseph take medication for?
(a) Cancer.
(b) High blood pressure and inflamed prostate.
(c) Stroke prevention.
(d) Liver disease.

14. What hurtful question does Kelly ask Danicat and Bob their first night in the United States?
(a) Whether they are adopted.
(b) If their parents will love them as much as they love Kelly and Karl.
(c) If they are really black.
(d) If they are staying or not.

15. What do some of the young men of the neighborhood demand of Joseph to make amends for what they think are his crimes?
(a) They demand all the drugs and medical supplies he has.
(b) They demand that he smuggle them out of the country.
(c) They demand exorbitant amounts of money to cover the funeral costs of the neighbors who were shot by the riot police and UN soldiers.
(d) They demand that he pray for them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of Danticat's brothers immediately hugs her when she arrives in the United States at the family's apartment?

2. Who is Tante Zi mourning when she wears white?

3. Where does an immigration agent tell Danticat that Joseph and Maxo were taken to in the fall of 2004 upon their arrival in the United States?

4. What is the term the authorities use to describe gang members?

5. Who helps make the arrangements for Tante Denise's funeral?

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