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Krome Detention Center

This place represents humiliation, shame, and the long, dehumanizing experience some people undergo as recent immigrants to the United States.


This process represents renewal, hope, redemption, and the promise of a better life for a new generation.

Folktales and Legends

These tales are important and ubiquitous in Haitian culture, and they serve as a way for people to make sense of difficult or significant life events.


Serving as a connection to heritage, culture, and family, this can be comforting and symbolic of love when prepared and given to another.

Joseph's Laryngectomy

This medical procedure results in the literal loss of the voice, which is also a symbolic loss of expression for a main individual in the book.

Mira's Pulmonary Illness

This illness, which affects the breathing function, robs an individual of the ability to work and enjoy regular activities and simple daily pleasures...

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