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Lesson 1 (from Part I (pages 1 - 57))


The objective of this lesson is for students to conduct some background research on American military involvement in Haiti from the year 1915, the year when America began its decades-long occupation of the country, to 1957, when Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier came to power. Understanding the political unrest that roiled Haiti during this time frame is critical to fully understanding the forces that deeply affected Danticat's family.


Class Discussion: When did the American occupation of Haiti begin? How does this occupation affect Joseph, Mira, and the rest of their family? What was Joseph's and Mira's father, and Danticat's grandfather, Nozial's, take on the Americans and their role in Haiti? How does the American military and political involvement in Haiti, and Danticat's family history related to it, seem to shape the family's perceptions of America and of Americans? Moving forward in time, how does Papa Doc Duvalier's rise...

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