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Short Answer Questions

1. If Eilis passes her exams, how long will it probably be before she can have a job in the office at Bartocci's?

2. How many brothers does Tony have?

3. At what friend's house did Mrs. Kehoe once watch a baseball game?

4. What type of dancing does Patty want to sit out in Part III?

5. In Part III at the first parish dance, what instrument does an accordion player switch to when the music changes?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Eilis's new room like in Part III, Section 1?

2. Why does Eilis not have to pay for her tuition for Brooklyn College?

3. What all does Eilis buy for her trip to Coney Island with Tony?

4. What does Eilis learn about Mr. Rosenblum in the special law bookstore?

5. When Eilis moves to the room in the basement, why does she wish that she had stayed in her old bedroom?

6. What does Miss Bartocci announce to Eilis and Miss Delano in Part III, Section 1?

7. Why does Eilis not spend Christmas with Tony's family in Part III, Section 2?

8. How does Eilis feel as she watches her first baseball game?

9. How does Tony treat Eilis at the first baseball game they attend together?

10. What do Tony, Maurice, and Laurence buy together, and what do they plan to do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Eilis is hesitant about Tony as they begin to see one another. What does she want from a relationship when they meet? How does their relationship develop? How do Eilis’s feelings about Tony grow and develop? How do those feeling influence the decisions that she makes?

Essay Topic 2

Eilis is suddenly struck by homesickness several weeks after being in America. What brings on her homesickness? How does it affect her? How is she able to deal with homesickness and acclimate to being in America?

Essay Topic 3

Individuals serve as a surrogate family for Eilis. Who becomes a surrogate family for Eilis once she comes to America? How do each of these individuals help her make the adjustment to living in the United States?

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