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Short Answer Questions

1. How many books does Rose pack for Eilis's voyage to America?

2. What is the nationality of the man that Father Flood knows who is willing to give Eilis a job in Brooklyn?

3. What type of business does Jim Farrell's father own?

4. The night after Eilis receives her first letters from home, what does she call her bedroom at Mrs. Kehoe's?

5. Why does Eilis take note of all the details in the sitting room when she has tea with Mrs. Kehoe there?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Miss Kelly give Eilis when she has her come in and work an extra day in the shop?

2. What happened to Mrs. Kehoe's husband?

3. What is the system for laundering clothes at Mrs. Kehoe's boarding house?

4. How does Eilis get a shop coat and what type does she buy?

5. What does Miss Kelly say when Eilis tells her that she is going to America?

6. What does Eilis's mother say about Miss Kelly?

7. How does Miss Fortini act when when she notices that Eilis is sad?

8. What are the accommodations like at Mrs. Kehoe's boarding house?

9. How does Miss Bartocci tell Eilis customers are treated?

10. Why does Rose go to Dublin twice a year?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Enniscorthy, Eilis has a certain future in store for her. What future would Eilis have had if she had stayed in Enniscorthy? Why does everyone believe that she has a better future in America? How do Eilis’s opportunities increase as she moves to Brooklyn, and how do those opportunities affect the person she is and becomes?

Essay Topic 2

Love is one of the themes in the novel. What types of love are represented in the story? How is familial love important to Eilis and to the plot? How does romantic love advance the plot and how does it affect Eilis’s life?

Essay Topic 3

Eilis is hesitant about Tony as they begin to see one another. What does she want from a relationship when they meet? How does their relationship develop? How do Eilis’s feelings about Tony grow and develop? How do those feeling influence the decisions that she makes?

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