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Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Rose and Eilis have lunch together before Eilis takes the taxi to the boat in Liverpool?

2. How many years will Eilis need to attend Brooklyn College to get a good job?

3. What type of meat do people say is the best sold anywhere and is sold by Miss Kelly?

4. What color cardigan is Rose wearing at the beginning of Part I?

5. In Part I, how many dances did Nancy say that she danced with George Sheridan?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Miss Bartocci tell Eilis customers are treated?

2. What are the accommodations like at Mrs. Kehoe's boarding house?

3. What classes does Father Flood help Eilis enroll in?

4. What does Miss Kelly give Eilis when she has her come in and work an extra day in the shop?

5. What news does Nancy have when Eilis sees her after talking to Miss Kelly about a job?

6. Who is Father Flood?

7. What is the "Famous Nylon Sale" at Bartocci's?

8. What is Miss McAdam, one of Mrs. Kehoe's boarders like?

9. What does Miss Kelly say when Eilis tells her that she is going to America?

10. What does Eilis's mother say about Miss Kelly?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Eilis is hesitant about Tony as they begin to see one another. What does she want from a relationship when they meet? How does their relationship develop? How do Eilis’s feelings about Tony grow and develop? How do those feeling influence the decisions that she makes?

Essay Topic 2

Eilis wants to be a bookkeeper. What expectations were there for married women in the 1950s? How might her relationship with Tony affect her career plans? How might it be possible for her to have a career even if she marries Tony?

Essay Topic 3

Eilis almost does not return to Brooklyn. Why does Eilis have doubts about returning to America? What influences her to return, and how does she feel about returning?

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