Brooklyn (novel) Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Eilis know about Miss Kelly's store before she goes to work there?

Eilis does not know much about Miss Kelly's store before she goes to work there. Her mother does not shop there, because it is too expensive. All Eilis knows that it is said that Miss Kelly sells the best ham in town, the best creamery butter, and the freshest of everything including cream.

2. What job does Miss Kelly offer Eilis?

Miss Kelly offers Eilis a job working in the store. She wants Eilis to wait on customers and make change on Sundays when they are the busiest in the store.

3. What news does Nancy have when Eilis sees her after talking to Miss Kelly about a job?

When Eilis sees Nancy, Nancy has news. On Sunday when Nancy went to the Athenaeum, she danced with George Sheridan, who is a very eligible bachelor. She danced four dances with him.

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