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Map It

Create a map showing Eilis's travels from her hometown of Enniscorthy to New York City.


In the 1950s, emigrants had to take a boat to get to the United States. Research how someone might travel from Enniscorthy in the twenty-first century and create a travel itinerary.

Create a menu for a typical evening meal that Eilis's mother might have served.


Create a diorama of Eilis's room and bathroom on board ship.


Compare the weather in Ireland where Eilis grew up to the weather in New York City.

Letter to Eilis

Write a letter that Tony might have written to Eilis while she was in Ireland.

Eilis Returns to Brooklyn

Discuss with a group why Eilis decides to return to Brooklyn. Do you think she made the right decision?


Create a collage of portraits of each of the main characters.

Author Interview

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