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Essay Topic 1

Eilis does not have a lot of input into the decision for her to go to America. Why not? Why does she decide to go even though it is not her idea originally?

Essay Topic 2

Eilis is suddenly struck by homesickness several weeks after being in America. What brings on her homesickness? How does it affect her? How is she able to deal with homesickness and acclimate to being in America?

Essay Topic 3

Individuals serve as a surrogate family for Eilis. Who becomes a surrogate family for Eilis once she comes to America? How do each of these individuals help her make the adjustment to living in the United States?

Essay Topic 4

In Enniscorthy, Eilis has a certain future in store for her. What future would Eilis have had if she had stayed in Enniscorthy? Why does everyone believe that she has a better future in...

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