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Part I

• Eilis’s older sister, Rose, pays for her to study bookkeeping, and Eilis is almost finished with her courses.

• Rose is 30, a beautiful woman, and she works in an office.

• After work, Rose often goes out on the town with friends or plays golf.

• A young girl comes and tells Eilis that Miss Kelly wishes to see her.

• Miss Kelly owns and runs a grocery store.

• When Eilis arrives at Miss Kelly’s, she learns that Miss Kelly wishes to hire her to work at the store on Sundays after the seven o’clock mass.

• On Eilis’s way home, she stops to visit her friend Nancy Byrne, and her friend Annette O’Brien is already there.

• Nancy is excited to tell Eilis that she danced four dances with George Sheridan on Sunday night.

• Eilis’s friends are surprised to learn that she is going to...

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