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Elizabeth George Speare
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Daniel gets better and better at his craft, what does he make one day when he has no other job to do?
(a) Bronze bowls and spoons to give to Leah.
(b) A small bronze bow he fashions into a brooch.
(c) A large bonze bow to decorate his front door.
(d) Some bronze jewelry to sell at the market.

2. When Leah asks about the crowds that go see Jesus, Daniel asks if she would like to go. What does she do?
(a) She says she will have to think about it.
(b) She claps her hands.
(c) She jumps for joy.
(d) She cringes.

3. What is clear about Daniel in relationship to the boys now?
(a) He cannot raise an army now.
(b) The boys will now be afraid to face the Romans again.
(c) His authority as leader is unquestioned.
(d) Daniel will no longer be their leader.

4. Who are the surprise visitors at the blacksmith shop?
(a) Joel and Nathan.
(b) Samson and Hezron.
(c) Rosh and Ebol.
(d) Joel and Thacia.

5. Why does Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, come to see Jesus?
(a) He wants to have him tried as a blasphemer.
(b) His daughter is sick and he wants Jesus to heal her.
(c) He wants to identify Jesus so he can persecute him.
(d) He wants to hear for himself what everyone is saying.

6. Why does it take so long for Thacia and Joktan to come to the village?
(a) They didn't believe Daniel's message.
(b) They went looking for Jesus to bring him to Leah.
(c) They had difficulty reading the message on a piece of pottery.
(d) The message was taken by a servant who forgot to give it to Thacia.

7. What news does Thacia bring to Daniel?
(a) Joel has been seriously wounded and lies in a Roman garrison.
(b) Joel has been arrested and will be taken east.
(c) Joel has been caught and will be crucified.
(d) Joel has been killed trying to break into a house.

8. What philosophy does Jesus compare to Daniel's hate of the Romans?
(a) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
(b) Let not your left hand know what the right had is doing.
(c) An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.
(d) Love your neighbor and hate your enemies.

9. What surprise does Daniel find when he and Joel return to the shop?
(a) Leah and Thacia are chatting in the house.
(b) Leah is teaching Thacia how to weave.
(c) Thacia and Leah have disappeared.
(d) Thacia is making a bit for the Roman soldier's horse.

10. How do Daniel and Thacia plan to give Joel an alibi in the event he is suspected?
(a) Thacia dresses like her brother and leaves town with Daniel.
(b) Thacia tells everyone that Joel was called to Ketzah.
(c) Thacia takes Daniel to the doctor and says he is her brother Joel.
(d) Thacia will say that the fish seller is not her brother.

11. Where does Daniel insist that Joel go?
(a) To leave the country until the Romans forget about him.
(b) To Jerusalem to continue his studies in the Jewish Law.
(c) To follow Jesus.
(d) To return home and take care of his father.

12. To what does Daniel attribute Leah's recent improvement?
(a) Her new blue dress.
(b) Thacia's visits.
(c) A new baby goat.
(d) The stories he tells her about Jesus.

13. On the way to Ketzah, what do Daniel and Thacia discuss?
(a) What is happening back in Capernaum.
(b) The words of Jesus.
(c) Leah's improvement.
(d) Rosh's growing army.

14. When Daniel accidentally meets up with Jesus, what does he tell him?
(a) His complete story.
(b) That simon the Zealot is his friend.
(c) How he and his friends rescued Joel.
(d) That he wants to hear Jesus call for an army.

15. When Rosh again accuses Daniel of weakness, what does Daniel do?
(a) He goes to find Samson to help him convince Rosh.
(b) He strikes Rosh in the face.
(c) He begs Rosh to reconsider.
(d) He tells Rosh he is no longer one of his men.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Daniel is called to the cave by Rosh, what is his great disappointment?

2. What gift does Thacia leave for Leah?

3. Daniel returns to Ketzah thinking that he has only two allies. What are they?

4. Who leaves the mountain with Daniel?

5. What confuses Daniel's thinking after the robberies?

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