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Elizabeth George Speare
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is waiting for Daniel when he gets back to the mountain?
(a) Joel.
(b) Rosh.
(c) Samson.
(d) Simon.

2. Some people do not have a high opinion of Rosh. What do they think he is?
(a) A coward who is only in hiding.
(b) A myth.
(c) A Roman soldier who deserted.
(d) A bandit who robs everyone.

3. What is the only thing that bothers him about leaving the village?
(a) That Simon will come after him again.
(b) His concern for Leah.
(c) Not having a torch to carry.
(d) The fear that Rosh will send him away.

4. What does Simon bring for Daniel?
(a) Some books.
(b) A bar of soap.
(c) A clean cloak.
(d) Garden vegetables.

5. What is Daniel like as he enters Capernaum?
(a) He is like a young prince who belongs in the city.
(b) He is like a tourist who has never been to the city before.
(c) He is like a thief, hiding in the shadows.
(d) He is like a child who is lost and cannot find his mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What political conflict is going on at the time of this story?

2. Why does Rosh tell Joel he cannot leave after they meet?

3. Why can Daniel not get the parts he needs from Simon?

4. Why does Daniel leave Hezron's house suddenly?

5. What does Thacia do for Daniel?

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