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Elizabeth George Speare
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Daniel know that Rosh had him watched during the robbery?
(a) Samson tells him using sign language.
(b) Rosh knows that Daniel did not return with both of the old man's daggers.
(c) Rosh tells him that he had him watched.
(d) Daniel heard voices on the mountainside but did not see anyone.

2. Some people do not have a high opinion of Rosh. What do they think he is?
(a) A myth.
(b) A Roman soldier who deserted.
(c) A bandit who robs everyone.
(d) A coward who is only in hiding.

3. What is the symbolism of Daniel beating the flaws out of the hot metal at his anvil?
(a) It symbolizes what he would like to do to a Roman soldier.
(b) He is trying to remove what he sees as flaws in himself.
(c) He is keeping busy so he doesn't have to think.
(d) It symbolizes what he would like to do to Rosh.

4. What is Simon's message for Daniel?
(a) The grandmother's house has fallen down.
(b) Daniel's grandmother is dead.
(c) Amelek is dead and Daniel can return to the village.
(d) Daniel's sister will not stop crying for her brother.

5. What does Daniel decide to do that night?
(a) To go to Capernaum to find Joel.
(b) To buy Simon's blacksmith shop.
(c) To return to the mountain.
(d) To kill his first Roman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Does listening to Jesus speak have any affect on Daniel?

2. Why does Daniel feel ashamed?

3. What is Joel's explanation to Daniel for Thacia's strange behavior?

4. As Daniel is recovering, Joel reads to him from what book?

5. How is Simon brought into the camp?

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