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Elizabeth George Speare
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Daniel witness that makes him vow revenge on the Romans?
(a) The abduction of his sister.
(b) The destruction of his grandmother's house.
(c) The burning of Ketzah.
(d) The crucifixion of his father and the death of his mother.

2. Why does he stop on his way out of Capernaum?
(a) He hears the Romans coming.
(b) He almost goes back to apologize to Hezron.
(c) He is thirsty.
(d) He is suddenly very tired.

3. Does listening to Jesus speak have any affect on Daniel?
(a) It changes his life.
(b) Only for a brief moment.
(c) It makes him question Rosh.
(d) None whatsoever.

4. Why does Simon say they have to wash in the pool on the way to the village?
(a) By the time they arrived, it will already be the Sabbath.
(b) There is no water for bathing in the village.
(c) If Daniel doesn't wash, his grandmother will not recognize him.
(d) People will fear Daniel because he is so dirty.

5. When she comes to the door, how does Thacia react to Daniel?
(a) She takes him to a place to wait for Joel.
(b) She welcomes him and gives him a drink.
(c) She faints.
(d) She begs him to leave and never return.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes looking for Daniel?

2. What embarrasses Daniel during the meal at Joel's house?

3. How does Daniel react to the sight of the Roman soldiers?

4. Why does Daniel not resent giving the Roman's horse a drink of water?

5. After he confronts the soldier, Daniel does the only thing he can. What is that?

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