The Bronze Bow Quiz | Four Week Quiz B

Elizabeth George Speare
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Daniel reflect on about Rosh's business?
(a) Rosh's business is not going well at all.
(b) Working for Rosh is never exciting like he had imagined.
(c) It is hard work that goes on every day.
(d) There is nothing to do for days and then they are very busy.

2. How does Joel persuade Rosh to let him go.
(a) He could be a good spy for Rosh in the village.
(b) His family is moving to Capernaum.
(c) Nobody ever believes anything he says.
(d) He will leave his sister there.

3. Why does Simon say they have to wash in the pool on the way to the village?
(a) If Daniel doesn't wash, his grandmother will not recognize him.
(b) There is no water for bathing in the village.
(c) People will fear Daniel because he is so dirty.
(d) By the time they arrived, it will already be the Sabbath.

4. What stirs Leah out of the corner during the night?
(a) Daniel telling stories of their childhood.
(b) A rat that comes for the bread.
(c) A snake that drops from the ceiling.
(d) The small fire Daniel lights.

5. Why does Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, come to see Jesus?
(a) He wants to identify Jesus so he can persecute him.
(b) His daughter is sick and he wants Jesus to heal her.
(c) He wants to have him tried as a blasphemer.
(d) He wants to hear for himself what everyone is saying.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Joel get injured?

2. Why does Daniel now reject Rosh?

3. Why does Daniel not resent giving the Roman's horse a drink of water?

4. What does Daniel tell Joel and Thacia that he has not even told anyone at the cave?

5. How does Daniel react when the soldier kicks out at him?

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