Objects & Places from The Bronze Bow

Elizabeth George Speare
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Grandmother's House - Symbolizes Daniel's hate for the Romans, and, at the same time, his need to protect his family members.

Roof at Grandmother's House - Where Daniel used to sleep; it is where he looks out over the village and thinks about the mountain and the cave.

The Synagogue - A small white building in the center of the village; it has rows of low, wooden benches for the men, who sit in the order of their trades. A grilled screen separates the men from the women,

Ketzah - The village below the mountain where Daniel grew up and where his grandmother and sister still live.

Capernaum - A city on the sea with a variety of houses, busy markets, and a bustling economy where many languages are spoken .

Joel's House - Sitting high on a hill, Daniel cannot believe the luxury it represents.

Demons -...

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