The Bronze Bow Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Elizabeth George Speare
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Chapter 1

• Daniel bar Jamin runs away from his cruel master, Amelek, and goes to the mountain to join a man named Rosh who is reportedly building an army to fight the Romans.

• Daniel lives there for five years without returning to his village where his grandmother and sister live.

• Daniel is on the mountain and sees two people climbing up.
• The boy Joel has dreams of joining Rosh but he has family obligations that prevent him from doing that.

• When word comes of an ambush on a pack train, Joel insists on going along with Daniel.

• Joel's sister, Malthace, hides in the rocks.

Chapter 2

• Daniel at first tells Joel he cannot join the ambush, but Joel will not leave.

• They easily overpower the guards on the slave caravan.

• The only thing they take is a huge black man who was one of the slaves.

• Rosh is not pleased...

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