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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Diondra Jordan p. 24 to Tyrone, p. 45.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What poet does Tyrone say sounds a lot like rap in "Tyrone Bitting"?
(a) Walt Whitman.
(b) Claude McKay.
(c) Quincy Troupe.
(d) Dylan Thomas.

2. What famous music hall and theater where many black musicians and comedians started their careers is mentioned in "Long Live Langston"?
(a) Chicago Theatre.
(b) Broadway Theatre.
(c) Ford's Theatre.
(d) The Apollo.

3. What refers to a famous time period in American history in which black writers, artists and musicians showcased their work in New York City?
(a) The Black Breakthrough.
(b) The Harlem Renaissance.
(c) The Manhattan Jazz Years.
(d) The Civil Rights Era.

4. In 1943, Langston Hughes began publishing stories about what character who was an everyday black man in Harlem and offered musings on topical issues of the day?
(a) Daniel P. Everybody.
(b) Jesse B. Semple.
(c) John Q. Public.
(d) Robert R. Average.

5. Who does Devon say "hardly speaks, and he never hangs with any of the brothers I know" in "Devon Hope"?
(a) Sterling.
(b) Raynard.
(c) Wesley.
(d) Tyrone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Tyrone describe as "all hopped up about working on Broadway" in "Tyrone Bitting"?

2. What book does Janelle slip onto Devon's desk in "Devon Hope"?

3. In "Attendance," the author writes, "We are all here, / Leslie and Bad Boy, Lupe and" who?

4. What does Wesley say his friend wants to be, but doesn't think he'll live long enough to achieve it in "Wesley Bad Boy Boone"?

5. Diondra says that her dad is not enthused about her artwork and wishes she'd do what instead, in "Diondra Jordan"?

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