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Stephanie Kallos
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Short Answer Questions

1. Over what business does Gina live in chapter 19?

2. What game does Striker play at Irma's in chapter 21 after dinner?

3. How long before Wanda and Margaret meet does part 2 begin?

4. How many Schultz children are their at the time in which Michael and Gina first meet?

5. What book does Gina read obsessively during her pregnancy?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens soon after the dinner Striker shares with Irma and her husband, Sammy?

2. How does the author draw parallels between Wanda Schultz and M.J. Striker in part two?

3. What picture does Striker have of his wife and how does this connect him with Wanda Schultz?

4. What symbolic item is mentioned in chapter 18 that is related to a similar item symbolically important to Wanda Schultz?

5. What car accident does Striker witness in chapter 22? How is this ironic?

6. What is Yeats and what does it stand for in Striker's life?

7. What does Striker see in the street in chapter 22? How does this make Striker feel?

8. Why is Michael forced to quit college after marrying Gina?

9. How does the author draw parallels between Striker and Irma concerning their painful pasts?

10. What odd behaviors on the part of Gina Lorenzini does Michael O'Casey overlook due to his amorous feelings for her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the star? How has it changed Margaret's life? When does it begin to grow? Who does Margaret begin to see as the star begins to grow? How does Wanda react to news of Margaret's illness? How does Margaret feel about Wanda's reaction? How long does Margaret live after the star begins to grow? What happens to her house and her roommates after her death?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss one of the following relationships in detail, including ways in which they have changed as the novel's plot has progressed, using quotes from "Broken for You" to support your conclusions:

1) Wanda and Margaret

2) Wanda and Troy

3) Michael and Irma

4) Margaret and her roommates

Essay Topic 3

Who is Irma Kosminsky? How does she become acquainted with Michael? Why does Michael initially refuse to take her Hawaiian shirt? What happens to cause Michael to take the shirts after all? What is the nature of the relationship between Michael and Irma? Why does this relationship change the way in which Michael has recently been living his life? Is this a good change? Where does the reader suspect this relationship is headed? How does the author foreshadow the end of this relationship?

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