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Stephanie Kallos
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who offers to help Michael and Gina with baby Wanda?

2. What does Striker call Irma in the privacy of his own mind in chapter 22?

3. What year did Michael take a photograph of Gina and Wanda in the bowling alley that he liked so much he ordered two prints?

4. What type of plant does Irma call hearty in chapter 21?

5. What does Striker read on Easter Sunday?

Short Essay Questions

1. What picture does Striker have of his wife and how does this connect him with Wanda Schultz?

2. What story does Irma Kosminsky tell Striker over dinner in chapter 21?

3. What symbolic item is mentioned in chapter 18 that is related to a similar item symbolically important to Wanda Schultz?

4. What does Striker see in the street in chapter 22? How does this make Striker feel?

5. Who is M.J. Striker and why has he come to work at the Aloha Lanes bowling alley in chapter 20?

6. How does the author draw parallels between Striker and Irma concerning their painful pasts?

7. How does the author draw parallels between Wanda Schultz and M.J. Striker in part two?

8. How do the Hawaiian shirts becomes something of a symbol between Striker and Irma in chapter 21?

9. Why does Michael leave his daughter and go in search of his missing wife in chapter 19?

10. How does Striker celebrate Easter in chapter 22?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who is Margaret Hughes? What illness does she have? What does Margaret decide to do about this illness? Why does Margaret decide to invite a stranger to move in with her? Why does Margaret worry about what her figurines and other valuables might think of her new roommate? How does Margaret get along with her new roommate? Who disapproves of Margaret's new roommate? Why? Why does Margaret later decide to invite other people to move in with herself and her new roommate?

Essay Topic 2

Who is Stephen? How does Margaret feel about him? Why did their relationship end? What was the cause? What role does Stephen play in Margaret's life now? What is Margaret's reaction when the doctor wants to call Stephen upon learning of Margaret's brain tumor? Why does Stephen's new wife call Margaret later in the novel? What does she want? What does she threaten to tell Stephen? How does Margaret react to the threat? What does Stephen say to Margaret after this threat is made good?

Essay Topic 3

What is the first mosaic Wanda makes with the shards from Margaret's china collection? What is the significance of this piece? What notoriety does she receive from her work? What idea does Troy have in regards to Wanda's art that will change the house in which Margaret lives? What mosaic does Barbara Cohen hire Wanda to make? Who appears in the piece? Whose kitchen does the piece resemble? What does it mean to Wanda? To Margaret?

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