Daily Lessons for Teaching Broken for You

Stephanie Kallos
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Lesson 1 (from Part One)


Part One

In chapters 1-2 Margaret Hughes learns that she has a brain tumor. A recluse for years, Margaret decides to advertise for a roommate. The objective of this lesson will focus on character.


1) Class Discussion: Margaret Hughes learns she has a brain tumor and refuses to allow the doctor to call her ex-husband. Discuss Margaret Hughes, her reaction to this news, and the implied relationship she has with her ex-husband based on her reaction to the doctor's desire to call him. Margaret later decides to get a roommate and interviews several candidates before settling on the first, Wanda Schultz. Discuss Margaret's reaction to Wanda Schultz and her odd behavior in wanting the approval of her collectibles and other belongings. Discuss Wanda and how she convinces Margaret that she is the proper candidate for a roommate.

2) Character: Define character. Ask students to discuss in an...

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