Broken for You Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Stephanie Kallos
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Essay Topic 1

Who is Margaret Hughes? What illness does she have? What does Margaret decide to do about this illness? Why does Margaret decide to invite a stranger to move in with her? Why does Margaret worry about what her figurines and other valuables might think of her new roommate? How does Margaret get along with her new roommate? Who disapproves of Margaret's new roommate? Why? Why does Margaret later decide to invite other people to move in with herself and her new roommate?

Essay Topic 2

Who is Wanda Schultz? Why is she so depressed? What happened to Wanda's ex-lover? What happened to Wanda's parents? Why was Wanda adopted? What does Wanda do for a career? What does Margaret call Wanda? Why? Why does Wanda keep searching for her ex-lover? What happens when Troy tries to help her? Who did Wanda really see when she thought she saw...

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