Broken for You Character Descriptions

Stephanie Kallos
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Margaret Hauptmann Hughes

At the beginning of the novel, this character learns of a brain tumor, what is referred to as the star, that will change life as this character has always understood it.

Wanda O'Casey Schultz

This character is abandoned by parents made unhappy by alcoholism and the character is later adopted by other relatives. This character also become obsessed with a former lover.

Michael Francis Joseph O'Casey

This character falls in love as a young adult and spends many, many years searching fruitlessly for this lover, sacrificing a relationship with a child and others who care in favor of the search.

Oscar Hauptmann

This character became rich during World War II through the suffering of other people. The child of this character will suffer greatly for the actions of this character.

Cassandra Hauptmann

This character was a quiet, friendless person who died at a young age...

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