Broken for You Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Stephanie Kallos
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Part One

• Margaret Hughes, an older divorcee, has just learned she has a brain tumor.

• Margaret lost her son when he was just a child.

• Margaret wants to advertise for a boarder, but has to consult her possessions first. Margret has given human qualities to her possessions.
• Margaret interviews Wanda and learns that she has recently come to Seattle after a bad breakup with her lover.

• Margaret hears Wanda crying in the bathroom.

• Margaret thinks her possessions are watching Wanda.

• Wanda fixes a tea cup and a leak in Margaret's house.

• Margaret picks Wanda over three other candidates because she thinks her possessions like her.
• Wanda, a competent stage manager, moves in with Margaret.

• Wanda has come to Seattle to find Peter, based on a single, unsigned postcard.

• Wanda writes affirmations each day, her favorite being 'I will find him.'

• Wanda's mother disappeared when she was six...

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