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Patty Duke
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Short Answer Questions

1. Like manic-depressive illness, _______ usually begins late in adolescence and early adulthood and shares similar full-blown psychotic symptoms.

2. In what person is Chapter 1 written?

3. Within how many weeks did lithium begin to work for Patty Duke?

4. When was Patty Duke's first big, public manic episode?

5. Patty Duke did not recall having any manias before the age of what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why didn't Patty's husbands commit her to hospitals? What was her experience when she was institutionalized?

2. What did psychotherapy help Patty learn to deal with once she was stabilized with medication?

3. Who was Patty Duke's mother? What was the cause of her depression?

4. When did Patty learn of the difficulties people face with the side effects of lithium? Has she suffered from them?

5. Describe Patty Duke's father.

6. Describe the three personality types discussed by Dr. Akiskal in Chapter 4.

7. Discuss the genetic findings for manic-depressive illness.

8. What are the similarities of manic depression and schizophrenia? What are the differences?

9. What is the scientific analysis of the roots of manic depression in individuals?

10. How did Patty come to forgive her parents?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the different forms of manic-depressive illness detailed in the text. What are they, what are their symptoms, and how are they differentiated from one another?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the childhood of Patty Duke. What was her relationship to her parents? Who were Patty's "adoptive" parents and what was their role in her life?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the spectrum of drugs other than lithium which are used in the treatment of manic-depressive illness.

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