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Short Answer Questions

1. What illness does Mr. Prewitt have in Part 7, Chapter 3?

2. Where does Crab go after talking to Cubitt?

3. Where do Pinkie and Rose go before arriving at the boarding house in Part 6, Chapter 2?

4. According to Cubitt, what was used to kill Hale?

5. What does Ida tell Rose about Pinkie in Part 4, Chapter 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ida have the chance to talk with Rose in Part 4, Chapter 2?

2. Why does Pinkie visit Mr. Prewitt in Part 7, Chapter 3?

3. What information does Ida receive from Cubitt during their conversation?

4. How do Pinkie and Dallow respond to Colleoni's offer in Part 7, Chapter 5?

5. What happens when Pinkie tries to get a room at the Cosmopolitan after he and Rose are married?

6. Why does Rose go to Snow's after her marriage and who does she talk with there?

7. What is Cubitt's reaction to Pinkie's admission to killing Spicer?

8. What is Rose's response when Pinkie informs her of his doubt about their marriage?

9. How does Crab explain Colleoni's hiring procedures to Cubitt?

10. What crime does Pinkie commit in front of Mr. Prewitt in Part 4, Chapter 3?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Fred Hale's murder is the incident that causes many of the events in the story to take place.

1) Describe Hale and his reasons for being in Brighton.

2) Explain the aliases that Hale uses and how they add to the solving of his murder.

3) Analyze Hale's association with Ida and why she feels compelled to seek justice for him.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast the worlds of Ida and Pinkie, including an analysis of their situations and supporters, the paths they have taken, and examples of the effect that their decisions have had on the story.

Essay Topic 3

Pinkie and Colleoni have two very different styles of leadership.

1) Describe the events that caused Pinkie to become the leader of a gang in Brighton.

2) Explain Colleoni's situation and what he is trying to do in Brighton.

3) Analyze the differences between Pinkie and Colleoni as gang leaders, their view of each other, the two offers that Colleoni makes to Pinkie, and his responses.

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