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Short Answer Questions

1. What task does Pinkie give to Dallow in Part 7, Chapter 4?

2. Where do Pinkie, Dallow, and Cubitt go to drink in Part 5, Chapter 1?

3. How many drinks does Crab buy for Cubitt in Part 6, Chapter 1?

4. According to Crab in Part 6, Chapter 1, what does Colleoni demand from his crew?

5. When Pinkie arrives back at the boarding house in Part 5, Chapter 2, what is Rose holding?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where do Pinkie and Rose seek shelter after their marriage and how does Pinkie record a message for Rose?

2. How does Ida have the chance to talk with Rose in Part 4, Chapter 2?

3. Why does Rose go to Snow's after her marriage and who does she talk with there?

4. How is Cubitt described in Part 6, Chapter 1?

5. Why does Pinkie visit Mr. Prewitt in Part 7, Chapter 3?

6. Where is Pinkie as Ida talks with Rose in Part 7, Chapter 2, and how does Rose tell him about Ida's visit?

7. Why does Cubitt go to the Cosmopolitan and who does he meet first there?

8. How does Crab explain Colleoni's hiring procedures to Cubitt?

9. What happens when Pinkie tries to get a room at the Cosmopolitan after he and Rose are married?

10. How is the permission of Rose's parents negotiated in Part 5, Chapter 3?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the concept of loyalty with people, life, and how it is applied to literary characters. In addition, provide three examples of loyalty, its value in the story, and the influence it has on Pinkie's last decision.

Essay Topic 2

Define in detail the impact of irony in literature along with how it is used in fiction. Include three examples of irony in Brighton Rock and an analysis of how effective each example is.

Essay Topic 3

The marriage between Pinkie and Rose is a major turning point in the story.

1) Describe how marriage is viewed by both Pinkie and Rose individually.

2) Explain any similarities or differences in how Pinkie and Rose approach the marriage.

3) Analyze how Pinkie and Rose change after the marriage and the general view of marriage that is presented in the book.

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