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This is a resort town on the the southern coast of England that features pebble beaches, carnival piers, and gambling.

Brighton Rock

This is a type of candy sold in England that comes in sticks and is used to murder Fred Hale, presumably by asphyxiation.


This is a restaurant in England where Rose waits tables.


This is a boarding house where Pinkie's gang lives.

Kolley Kibber Cards

This the pseudonym used by Fred Hale in the resort town.

Cubitt's Gun

This is what Pinkie intends to use for his suicide pact with Rose before she throws it out of the car.

The Racetrack

This is the central source of income for the criminal underworld in a resort town.

This is Pinkie's favorite game on one of the carnival piers.

Mortal Sin

These are a source of concern for some of the characters...

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