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Essay Topic 1

Analyze the setting of the novel and the contrasting faces of the town of Brighton, England. Include four examples of how the setting contributes to the plot and/or the character developments.

Essay Topic 2

Greene's approach to a murder mystery influences the type of novel that Brighton Rock is.

1) Describe the techniques used in the beginning of the book to introduce the characters and the main plot.

2) Explain the effect that the structure of the book has on the story itself.

3) Analyze Greene's writing style, its effectiveness, and the possible reasons for his approach.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the various members of Pinkie's gang, why they are similar or different, how they differ from Pinkie, and which members are the most significant to the plot.

Essay Topic 4

Fred Hale's murder is the incident that causes many of the events in the story to take place...

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