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Part 1, Chapter 1

• Fred Hale is in Brighton, England using the alias, Kolley Kibber, on a Daily Messenger sponsored scavenger hunt.
• A boy begins to harass Hale and escalates the perception of danger for the journalist.
• Hale meets Ida and she agrees to keep him company, until Hale disappears on the pier.

Part 1, Chapters 2 and 3

• At the tea room on the pier, Pinkie talks to his gang about the details of Hale's murder and the loose ends that exist.
• Pinkie searches for the card that Spicer hid at Snow's restaurant before Rose tells him that she found it already.
• Following Hale's funeral, Ida decides to accept Phil's invitation to Brighton so she can investigate what really took place there.

Part 2, Chapters 1 and 2

• Pinkie and Rose's date is off to a shaky start after Rose recognizes Spicer from the restaurant.
• Brewer, a bookie, is attacked by Pinkie and Dallow in...

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