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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the sheriff ask Sue?
(a) Where Sug is.
(b) Where Reva is.
(c) Where Johnny-Boy is.
(d) Where she keeps the money for the party.

2. How does Reva respond to Sue's comment about Johnny-Boy?
(a) She is sad.
(b) She is angry.
(c) She is puzzled.
(d) She is pleased.

3. What does Sue's friend want to know?
(a) Where Booker went.
(b) Where Johnny-Boy is.
(c) Where the Sheriff is.
(d) What happened to Sue.

4. How does Johnny-Boy feel when his mother keeps talking at him?
(a) Stupid.
(b) Happy.
(c) Inspired.
(d) Impatient.

5. Where does Sue find people in her house?
(a) Johnny-Boy's room.
(b) The living room.
(c) The kitchen.
(d) In her bedroom.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do you think Johnny-Boy feels about his mother?

2. What does Sue hear after she returns to her ironing after Reva left?

3. Why does Sue want Johnny-Boy to have some money?

4. What does Reva ask about Johnny-Boy?

5. What happens when Johnny-Boy dozes off?

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