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Short Answer Questions

1. What medicine does the narrator take from Megan's bathroom?

2. According to Megan, what was the only coherent thing Alex said when he was discovered?

3. What is the narrator's plan for the fashion show?

4. What does the narrator discover in an envelope in his desk?

5. What is the narrator's favorite exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum?

Short Essay Questions

1. What stunt is the narrator planning to pull at the fashion show?

2. What exhibit in the museum is the narrator's favorite?

3. What does the reader learn about Megan's past?

4. Why is it ironic that the narrator snorts cocaine behind the library?

5. What job does Michael offer to the narrator, and what are the implications of this job?

6. Why does the narrator call Vicky after the party?

7. What does the narrator remember the most about Amanda, though he cannot remember what she looks like?

8. Explain Vicky's concept of "ineffability."

9. Why is the narrator unsettled by the absence of Amanda's mannequin?

10. What catalysts are responsible for the narrator rising early, reading the paper, and arriving on time to work?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the narrator's lowest point in the novel, the one that drives him to improve? Is it true that one must hit rock bottom in order to bounce back? What is the difference between the narrator's escapades in nightclubs in the beginning of the novel vs. the end of the novel? Why does he keep seemingly reliving the same night over and over again?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the narrator and his mother.

1) Why does Michael resent that the narrator came only days before their mother died? Why did the narrator stay away so long?

2) What does the narrator's mother reveal to him on her deathbed? How does this experience affect the narrator?

3) Why does the narrator think he has reacted so badly to Amanda's leaving?

Essay Topic 3

Though brothers, the narrator and Michael are very different people. Compare and contrast Michael and the narrator, focusing specifically on their careers and stations in life. Why are they resentful toward one another? Why has Michael come to New York? Why has the narrator stayed away from home?

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