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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From whom has the narrator obtained the invitation?
(a) Megan Avery.
(b) Amanda.
(c) A friend at Vogue.
(d) A friend at Harper's Bazaar.

2. How does the narrator's mother describe the pain she is in?
(a) She likens it to a broken arm.
(b) She likens it to having a sunburn.
(c) She likens it to the pain she felt during the narrator's birth.
(d) She likens it to going to the dentist.

3. Where does the narrator wake up the next morning?
(a) He wakes up in a strange girl's apartment in Brooklyn.
(b) He wakes up in a strange girl's apartment in Queens.
(c) He wakes up in a strange girl's apartment on Staten Island.
(d) He wakes up in a strange girl's apartment in the Bronx.

4. What work does Michael offer the narrator?
(a) A few weeks of work on an old carriage house he is fixing up.
(b) A temporary job taking calls for a customer service center.
(c) A position at a paper company he is running.
(d) A spot on the police force in their home town, where Michael works.

5. What is the narrator's plan for the fashion show?
(a) He will steal all the briefcases and wallets he can.
(b) He will set the building on fire and lock the doors.
(c) He will slip backstage and kidnap Amanda.
(d) He will confront Amanda and demand an explanation.

Short Answer Questions

1. In fifty years, how many retractions has the magazine printed?

2. Where do the narrator and Megan go to eat?

3. How does the narrator feel in his meeting with Clara?

4. What does the narrator smell on his way home, through his nose-bleed?

5. Why does the narrator theorize he actually married Amanda?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when the narrator and Amanda speak?

2. How does Michael's reappearance change the narrator's demeanor?

3. What catalysts are responsible for the narrator rising early, reading the paper, and arriving on time to work?

4. What exhibit in the museum is the narrator's favorite?

5. What elements of the fashion show does the narrator find contemptuous?

6. What does the narrator remember the most about Amanda, though he cannot remember what she looks like?

7. What stunt is the narrator planning to pull at the fashion show?

8. What is the narrator's reaction when he sees his brother waiting on the stoop?

9. How has the narrator gotten the ticket for Amanda's fashion show?

10. Why does the narrator leap out of the limo to escape his conversation with Bernie, the drug lord?

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