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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the New Jersey state motto?
(a) The Crossroads of America.
(b) The Big Sky State.
(c) The Show-Me State.
(d) The Garden State.

2. Do the narrator and Vicky get along?
(a) Yes, surprisingly well.
(b) No, she is insensitive and rude.
(c) No, they instantly dislike each other.
(d) Maybe, the narrator cannot tell for sure.

3. Of what do Elaine's dance moves remind the narrator?
(a) Neighborhood ho-downs of the south.
(b) Broadway chorus girls.
(c) Figures on Egyptian tombs.
(d) Graceful princessess.

4. What was the narrator's most significant contact with The Druid?
(a) The Druid's concern over the President's usage of the word "precipitous."
(b) The Druid's unexpected presence at the narrator's wedding.
(c) The day the Druid sat on an old lady in the subway.
(d) The day the Druid caught the narrator snorting coke in the bathroom.

5. Upon his return to the office, what has the narrator forgotten?
(a) Clara's pen.
(b) Alex's drink.
(c) Fred's leash.
(d) Megan's bagel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why hasn't the narrator told his father about the divorce?

2. Why does the narrator not want to have lunch with Alex?

3. What item seen in the window of an antique shop does Vicky want in her house someday?

4. When Elaine leaves for the restroom, what does the narrator suspect?

5. What article is the narrator currently working on?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is the narrator when the story begins?

2. What began Clara Tillinghast's dislike of the narrator?

3. What point of view does the author write in, and how is it distinguished?

4. What is worrying the narrator as he begins work on the French article?

5. How did the narrator and Amanda first meet?

6. How does the narrator describe his mother's reaction to Amanda?

7. To what does the narrator attribute his need to belong and feel desired?

8. Does the narrator enjoy his work in the Department of Factual Verification? Why or why not?

9. Though Vicky seems an appropriate person for the narrator and makes him happy, what ill affect does the exhilaration of their date have on the narrator?

10. Why does the narrator have trouble being in his apartment?

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