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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bridget realize now that she has reached her goal weight?

2. What is ironic about Bridget's mum doing a show about being single?

3. What is Bridget doing at the end of April?

4. What does Bridget's birthday show the reader about her friends?

5. Bridget is envious of her mum's power with men. What does mum envy about Bridget's life?

Short Essay Questions

1. Thanks to Rebecca, what new thing does Bridget begin to obsess over in June?

2. How are the items on Bridget's "I Will" list similar to the items on her "I Will Not" list?

3. Bridget's friends show up for her birthday dinner party armed with champagne and reservations for a restaurant. What do their gifts say about their friendship?

4. Identify the tone of the book as set by Bridget's New Year's resolution lists.

5. Describe what is happening between Bridget's parents in February.

6. Describe how Bridget's "I Will" list may help her improve her life.

7. In March, how does Daniel's behavior toward Bridget foreshadow their future together?

8. What do Bridget and her mum have an unspoken competition over in March?

9. Review both of Bridget's New Year's resolution lists. What themes emerge from them?

10. What are Bridget's friends like?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Bridget is blessed with having good friends whom she thinks of as family. Describe each of Bridget's friends and explain why the author created them. Also, explain how each character is connected to a theme in the book.

1) Jude.

2) Sharon.

3) Tom.

4) Magda.

Essay Topic 2

Bridget and her mum have an interesting, often troubled, relationship. However, there are times in the book when it is obvious that Bridget's mum cares and wants to see her daughter happy. Give 3 examples of times when Bridget's mum is concerned with Bridget's welfare. Explain how each example shows her mum's true feelings for Bridget.

Essay Topic 3

By the end of September, Bridget has worked for two different bosses, Daniel Cleaver and Richard Finch. Compare and contrast these two men in how they conduct themselves as bosses, men, and their treatment of Bridget.

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