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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bridget often uses abbreviations when writing in her journal. What does the abbreviation v.g. mean?
(a) Violent guy.
(b) Very good.
(c) Vegan.
(d) Vegetarian.

2. April opens with Bridget wishing she had ____________.
(a) Inner poise.
(b) A million dollars.
(c) A Zen life.
(d) A copy of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

3. Daniel has slept with so many women that he cannot even remember them. What does this tell the reader about him?
(a) Daniel drinks too much.
(b) Daniel has changed.
(c) He does not value the women he dates.
(d) Bridget is a very understanding girlfriend.

4. What is the assumption made about single people who are Bridget's age?
(a) It is assumed they need help finding a date.
(b) It is assumed they never want to have children.
(c) People assume they are gay.
(d) People assume they are boring.

5. What does Bridget believe is the difference between being single in her 20s and being single in her 30s?
(a) She is more attractive in her 30s.
(b) She was more attractive in her 20s.
(c) She didn't care if she was single in her 20s.
(d) She doesn't care that she is single in her 30s.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bridget's "I Will Not" list is pretty clear about the types of men she wants to stay away from. What does her list suggest about her past dating experiences?

2. Bridget becomes worried that Daniel is cheating on her. This is an example of what?

3. Who does Bridget unexpectedly run into at the book-release party?

4. Bridget is envious of her mum's power with men. What does mum envy about Bridget's life?

5. How does Bridget end up feeling about her holiday getaway with Daniel?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why Bridget is anxious to leave Harry's birthday party in March.

2. What do Bridget and her mum have an unspoken competition over in March?

3. Identify the tone of the book as set by Bridget's New Year's resolution lists.

4. Identify the warning signs that Daniel does not want to take a mini-holiday with Bridget in June.

5. In March, how does Daniel's behavior toward Bridget foreshadow their future together?

6. In February, Bridget learns that her parents are having marital problems. How does she feel about this?

7. Why does Magda encourage Bridget to enjoy being single when they see each other in May?

8. According to Bridget, what is "inner poise" and how can she achieve it?

9. What problems do Bridget's New Year's resolutions address?

10. How are the items on Bridget's "I Will" list similar to the items on her "I Will Not" list?

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