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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bridget resolves to become more responsible with her money. Which of the following does she decide to start doing?
(a) Buy culinary devices so she may eat at home more.
(b) Purge her flat of extra stuff and have a garage sale.
(c) Start to save money in a savings account.
(d) Stay at her current job and begin a pension plan.

2. Bridget often journals about her workplace, but never about her actual job. Why might this be?
(a) She does not like her job enough to write about it.
(b) Her job was too boring for the author to discuss.
(c) She is not allowed to talk about her job.
(d) She does not work.

3. What does the February chapter foreshadow about Bridget and Daniel's relationship?
(a) Bridget will get bored with Daniel.
(b) Daniel will not take their relationship very seriously.
(c) Bridget will not take their relationship very seriously.
(d) Daniel will want a commitment from Bridget.

4. What is the purpose of Tom's character in the book?
(a) To open Bridget's eyes to the evils of men.
(b) To give Bridget advice from a male perspective.
(c) To show that Bridget is open to alternative lifestyles.
(d) To give Bridget a guy to fixate on.

5. What does Bridget's mum's phone call tell the reader about Bridget and her mum's relationship?
(a) Bidget's mum approves of Bridget and her lifestyle.
(b) Bridget and her mum love each other.
(c) Bridget's mum is critical of Bridget and disapproves of her life.
(d) They are like sisters.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mood is the climate of feeling set by the author of a book. After reading Bridget's lists, what mood do you think Helen Fielding is trying to create in this book?

2. Who does Bridget unexpectedly run into at the book-release party?

3. Bridget becomes worried that Daniel is cheating on her. This is an example of what?

4. Perpetua and Mark's friend, Natasha, try to make Bridget look silly in front of Mark. How does their mockery of Bridget advance the relationship between Bridget and Mark?

5. Where does Bridget meet her friends after work the day she and Daniel begin flirting by email?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is it ironic that Bridget's mum is enthusiastically hosting a television show titled "Suddenly Single"?

2. Identify the tone of the book as set by Bridget's New Year's resolution lists.

3. Thanks to Rebecca, what new thing does Bridget begin to obsess over in June?

4. Describe the changes in Bridget's relationship with Daniel that take place in May.

5. Describe how Bridget's "I Will" list may help her improve her life.

6. How are the items on Bridget's "I Will" list similar to the items on her "I Will Not" list?

7. What problems do Bridget's New Year's resolutions address?

8. In May, Bridget reflects that relationships are complicated. What lessons should she learn from the problems in her friends' relationships?

9. Why might the author create conflict in Magda and Jeremy's marriage?

10. Why does Magda encourage Bridget to enjoy being single when they see each other in May?

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