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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bridget resolves not to become annoyed with "Mum, Una Alconbury or Perpetua." What does this resolution foreshadow about Bridget's relationships with these women?
(a) They do not like Bridget.
(b) They will try to help Bridget with her list.
(c) They will not play an important part in the story.
(d) They will create conflicts with Bridget.

2. In the beginning of January, Bridget is woken up by a phone call from her mum. What does Bridget's mum really want when she calls?
(a) To make sure Bridget is ok.
(b) To make sure she will be at the New Year's Turkey Curry Buffet.
(c) To see if Bridget is still single.
(d) To warn Bridget not to come to the Buffet.

3. What format is "Bridget Jones's Diary" written in?
(a) Persuasive essay.
(b) Expository essay.
(c) Standard fiction format.
(d) Diary/Journal format.

4. What does Bridget decide about Daniel after he shows up at her girls' night?
(a) He is better as just a friend.
(b) He is the best boyfriend.
(c) He is a jerk.
(d) He is cheating on her.

5. Which of the following health improvements does Bridget vow to make in the next year?
(a) Stay out of the sun.
(b) Eat more fiber.
(c) Eat more vegetables.
(d) Cut back on cigarettes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Perpetua?

2. Bridget decides that the secret to her mum's new happiness is ______________.

3. What are the mothers like at Harry's birthday party?

4. What is a "barrister"?

5. What does Bridget's "I Will Not" list tell the reader about her character?

Short Essay Questions

1. Bridget's friends show up for her birthday dinner party armed with champagne and reservations for a restaurant. What do their gifts say about their friendship?

2. What can the reader infer about Bridget's relationships with men by looking at her New Year's resolutions?

3. In June, the reader becomes more familiar with Daniel. Describe his character.

4. Explain why Bridget is anxious to leave Harry's birthday party in March.

5. Review both of Bridget's New Year's resolution lists. What themes emerge from them?

6. Does the reality of Bridget's relationship with Daniel match her expectations of that relationship?

7. In May, Bridget reflects that relationships are complicated. What lessons should she learn from the problems in her friends' relationships?

8. Why might the author create conflict in Magda and Jeremy's marriage?

9. Thanks to Rebecca, what new thing does Bridget begin to obsess over in June?

10. What is the conversation like between Bridget and Mark Darcy at the Turkey Curry Buffet?

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