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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through July.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bridget finally convinces Daniel to take a mini-vacation with her. How does Daniel know the only other person at the hotel?
(a) He used to work with her.
(b) He has slept with her.
(c) She is his mother's friend.
(d) She is a friend of Bridget's.

2. Who is Daniel Cleaver?
(a) Perpetua's boyfriend.
(b) Bridget's co-worker.
(c) Bridget's boss.
(d) Bridget's assistant.

3. What is the purpose of Tom's character in the book?
(a) To show that Bridget is open to alternative lifestyles.
(b) To give Bridget advice from a male perspective.
(c) To give Bridget a guy to fixate on.
(d) To open Bridget's eyes to the evils of men.

4. Bridget is envious of her mum's power with men. What does mum envy about Bridget's life?
(a) Her career.
(b) Her boyfriends.
(c) Her youth.
(d) Her money.

5. What does Bridget decide about diets?
(a) She needs to cut out carbs to be successful.
(b) There is no point in going on a diet.
(c) Dieting is only successful if you mix different types.
(d) She must pick one and stick to it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Bridget upset when Daniel backs out of going to the Tarts and Vicars party?

2. Who is Perpetua?

3. Bridget's ruined vacation with Daniel is symbolic of what?

4. What new habit does Bridget start in April?

5. Bridget often journals about her workplace, but never about her actual job. Why might this be?

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